Intrabuild specializes in renovating pre-war apartments, seamlessly blending historic charm with modern amenities. With meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for design, we create transformative spaces that honor the unique character of New York City.

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About the service

Intrabuild offers a comprehensive range of remodeling services that cater to various aspects of home and commercial property renovation. These services typically encompass the entire remodeling process, from initial design concepts to final construction.

  • Detailed estimation.
  • Proprietary management system.
  • Building and Board Approvals.
  • Permitting and Approvals.
  • Procurement.
  • Scheduling.
  • Project management.
  • Seamless Execution on time and Budget.
  • 5-Year Guarantee.

What's included in this service?

With meticulous planning and efficient execution, we ensure a smooth construction process. Our skilled craftsmen and contractors bring the design to reality, delivering exceptional results on time and within budget.

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What our clients say about our firm

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

“They did an amazing work for us”

“The Intrabuild team, who have been with Nick since the beginning, were a pleasure to work with - it was a long process and yet their attention to detail never waivered or their attitude. Because of this I feel it really is reflected in the output.”

Sally Ann M.
Brooklyn, New York
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