Intrabuild offers Architectural services including site analysis, concept design, detailed drawings, project management, construction oversight, and sustainable building solutions, ensuring seamless project execution.

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Brooklyn Townhouse facade
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About the service

Intrabuild offers various architectural services that streamline the construction process from inception to completion. This includes initial site analysis to understand the unique characteristics and constraints of the location. They then develop concept designs that align with the client's vision, ensuring aesthetic appeal and functionality.

  • Site Analysis and Feasibility Studies.
  • AConcept design and development.
  • Construction documentation.
  • Project management and construction oversight,

What's included in this service

  1. Site Analysis and Feasibility Studies:
    • Evaluation of site conditions (topography, soil, existing structures).
    • Review of zoning regulations and building codes.
    • Environmental impact assessments.
    • Feasibility reports outlining project viability and potential challenges.
  2. Concept Design and Development:
    • Initial design sketches and conceptual plans.
    • Space planning and layout options.
    • 3D renderings and visualizations.
    • Collaboration with clients to refine design ideas.
  3. Construction Documentation:
    • Detailed architectural drawings and blueprints.
    • Specifications for materials, finishes, and construction methods.
    • Structural and mechanical system designs.
    • Permitting and regulatory documentation preparation.
  4. Project Management and Construction Oversight:
    • Coordination of all project phases and stakeholders.
    • Scheduling and timeline management.
    • Quality control and site inspections.
    • Budget management and cost control.
    • Addressing construction issues and modifications as they arise.
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What our clients say about Intrabuild

A bedroom with a large bed and two windows

“They did an amazing work for us”

“I cannot recommend Nick and Intrabuild enough. Throughout our renovation, Nick was at all times hardworking, responsible, responsive, creative, caring, efficient and fair -- and that doesn't even cover the skill and craftsmanship he and his employees and subcontractors brought to the job.”

Joshua B.
Brooklyn, New York
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